Griffin Armament SPR Suppressor

Griffin Armament produced a video outlining the benefits of their SPR suppressor. The SPR is a new 5.56 over the barrel suppressor (reflex) suppressor being offered as a high performance, high value can. They compare it directly with its Ops Inc competitor and the SPR seems to stand up well to the comparison.

I have been very impressed with the value that Griffin Armament is able to offer with their compensators and flash suppressors. It looks like they are able to bring that same level value to their suppressor line.

Check out the SPR at Griffin Armament.


2 Responses to Griffin Armament SPR Suppressor

  1. Austin Reis Green June 26, 2013 at 17:11 #

    Thanks for the article- market awareness is always hard to accomplish. I read your article on the flash comp also- that was excellent work. We’re hoping to smoothly launch the new suppressor line- Dealer sales packets are moving out this week and next. Through the military, Evan and I have used Surefire, KAC, and AAC products, and our new suppressors are exciting to bring to market, because they offer Surefire quality (or better) at a nearly YHM competitive price point. The SPR featured here for instance, despite being 100% fusion welded and fully monolithic, has no visible welds or seams of any kind – the products really are as attractive as they are durable.

  2. Evan June 28, 2013 at 00:13 #

    Sorry. YouTube had an error we had to re upload the video. Thanks Jtt

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