Down Range Gear Dynamic Strap System

Look at your chest rig’s current straps. They really just don’t make much sense. They are probably a pain to adjust even though you have to adjust them based on the clothes you are wearing underneath. They don’t stretch at all even though they wrap around your chest which starts to expand and contract dramatically as your activity and stress levels ramp up. So, what typically ends up happening is you leave them looser than they should be which allows your gear to flop all over the place.

Enter the Dynamic Strap System from Down Range Gear.

Down Range Gear 7598

The Dynamic Strap System comes in several forms for various applications like plate carriers and chest rigs. They all have a central feature in common – the addition of an stretchable section of webbing. The stretchable section consists of shock cord sheathed in tubular webbing. This simple addition creates a strap that moves with you, may never need to be adjusted once it is set, and that lets you keep your gear as tight as it should be more comfortably. These straps just make a ton of sense.

The Dynamic Strap System is available in three different versions depending on your application – lateral straps for a plate carrier, a basic waist strap for a chest rig, and an adjustable waist strap with hardware. Check out the new and improved

Down Range Gear 5815

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