Beez Combat Systems Hydration Carrier Short

The Camelbak Antidote hydration bladders are pretty slick. The short version is extremely compact and requires a dedicated hydration carrier to get the most out of it which is exactly what the new BCS Hydration Carrier Short is built to do.


The Hydration Carrier Short is designed to be a simple carrier that capitalizes on the benefits of the Antidote carriers, namely their smaller size and increased stability thanks to its center baffle. It’s shorter height makes it ideal for use on armor and plate carriers. It has a wide (5 columns) PALS field on the back so that it is extremely stable when attached to its host.

The Hydration Carrier Short has a large hook and loop secured flap with a massive loop field for affixing patches and ID. It also has a drainage grommet and internal webbing to serve as an adjustable hanger.

As with every piece of BCS gear, it is available in a ton of color options including the Kryptek and A-TACS camo line ups, Multicam, Woodland and more. Check out the Hydration Carrier Short.


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