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The supply lines are starting to open up, but in many ways the industry is still reeling from the panic buying that took place in the early part of this year. Some parts, like magazines are becoming easy to find while others, like quality “mil-spec” bolt carrier groups remain in short supply. There have been scattered reports of declining quality control as companies try to ramp up to meet demand. In spite of all of that, there are still companies out there who are refusing to rush an inferior product out the door. Check out this recent statement from Legion Firearms:

RELEASE-Availability of Legion Firearms Rifles by JTT Matt

I can appreciate this type of honesty and transparency, and I think it highlights the position that a lot of the industry is in right now. Manufacturers who don’t make all their parts in house are stuck waiting for quality components just like you. So, have some patience, quality is worth the wait.

Check out Legion Firearms.

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