Add a Bright-Strike APALS to your Battle Systems MPIL

The Battle Systems MPIL continues to evolve into one of the most full featured and complete visual signaling systems available anywhere. The latest addition to the system is the APALS from Brite-Strike. The APALS is is a compact (.25″ thick), lightweight (less than 1 ounce), LED light that is the perfect size for securing to the 2″x2″ loop field on an MPIL. The APALS gives MPIL users a visible light signalling option that can be seen from up to a half mile away or that can serve as an emergency light source. With its 80+ hour runtime, the APALS will last you several nights of continuous signalling.

Battle Systems adds adhesive Velcro to the back of each APALS. They are available in a variety of light colors including IR for LE and MIL buyers. Check out the APALS at Battle Systems.


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