Battle Arms Development Selector Cores Now Available

It is very easy to end up with several spare levers if you buy 2 or 3 Battle Arms Development selectors. I have a ton of them laying around and I have often wished that I could just buy one of their selector cores so that I could make use of them. I guess Battle Arms Development read my mind because you can now purchase their BAD-ASS cores separately.


The core comes with the screws necessary to mount your spare levers. If you need one of the excellent KNS stainless selector detents that Battle Arms Development includes with their complete BAD-ASSs, they can be added to your purchase as an option. The regular 90 degree BAD-ASS and the BAD-ASS Short Throw cores are both available.

This is a really reasonably priced way to get a BAD-ASS into one of your carbines if you already have the levers.

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