S.O. Tech Gorilla Range Bag System

Hey range rats! Check this out. S.O. Tech just released the Gorilla Range Bag System and it is pretty slick. The entire system consists of 3 parts that work together or as stand alone items.

The first part of the system is the Gorilla Range Bag. It is a single strap, sling bag format range bag that is designed to lay on its side to allow access to it contents, has a ton of internal organization, and has space to store the other components of the system.


The Gorilla Pistol Case can serve as a small range bag on its own and attaches via hook and loop material in the Gorilla Range Bag’s main compartment. There is room for two of these in the main bag and the full kit comes with two.

The Gorilla Cleaning Case might be the coolest part of the kit. It has internal pockets and loops for storing range tools and cleaning gear. It also has a very cool “tray” space that keeps your small parts from being lost while you work on a firearm.

The system is available with all components as a package or individually so you can scale it to your needs. Check out the Gorilla Range Bag System at SpecOpsTech.com.


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