The Patch Panel

The Patch Panel is an online retailer that carries nothing but patches and related items. I recently came across them when I was looking for a call sign patch for a friend of the blog. Not only did I find custom call sign patches, but they also carry a ton of really unique patches.

Patch Panel CallSign

One of their newest items is a double sided CallSign patch. They can customize the patches with any 4 characters for you. One side glows in the dark. The other is IR reflective. The patches are available with a number of different colors and camo backgrounds.

Patch Panel Name Tape

They also have a IR, glow in the dark, and visible light reflective name tapes. I haven’t seen anything quite like them. They are a cross between a call sign patch and a name tape.

Patch Panel Item Carrier

The Patch Panel even has patches that pull their own weight. Their Item Carrier Patch has three elastic loops that can be used to secure batteries, pens, markers, and chemlights.

I can already tell that coming across the Patch Panel is going to cost me some money.

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