Review: IWC SCAR Charger

Impact Weapons Components is releasing their latest product today – the SCAR Charger. I have had the chance to spend some time with a couple of the prototypes of the new charging handle and I was able to put it in the hands of other shooters to get their thoughts as well. So far, it has been universally well received.

IWC SCAR Charging Handle with OEM


The IWC SCAR Charger is a drop-in, all metal replacement for the standard SCAR 16 and 17 charging handle. It is machined from 4140 steel and Melonite treated for durability and corrosion resistance. This charging handle is designed to offer increased surface area for operating the charging handle and increased clearance of optics and other rail mounted accessories while weighing within 1/10th of an ounce of the original part so cyclic rate is not affected. The charging handle can be mounted so that it either curves up or down (down works best to clear optic mounts).

IWC SCAR Charging Handle

Observations from Use

The main thing that I wanted to see in testing was how well the IWC SCAR Charger cleared optics. The charging handle is located just below the top rail on a SCAR. This proximity to the rail can put your knuckles in peril if you aren’t careful, especially if the charging handle is on the same side of the SCAR as your optic mount’s throw levers. IWC designed their charging handle so that it curves away from the rail (or up toward it if you choose to install it that way). I can confirm that it does provide an extra measure of clearance between the throw lever and top rail mounted optic.

IWC SCAR Charging Handle Optic Clearance

The SCAR Charger seems like a pretty large target when you are using it, especially if you are used to the original SCAR charging handle. The original isn’t bad. The IWC version just offers more surface area.

I like that the SCAR Charger is subtly shaped to lock onto your hand when you are operating it. The both sides of the charging handle have a slight curve that matches the profiles of your fingers or side of your palm. This curved or hooked shape reduces the likelihood that your hand will slip off the end of the charging handle during operation.

IWC SCAR Charging Handle Top View

Everyone that tried the new charging handle was pleased with the additional optic clearance and surface area, but one shooter was especially pleased with the projected price which is $34.95 (before your discount as a JTT reader). He had already spent considerably more for a different charging handle to address some optic clearance issues.

Wrap Up

The IWC SCAR Charger does what it set out to do. It makes the charging handle a larger, easier to grasp target and it gives additional clearance for items mounted on the top rail. It manages to do both of those things at a price that is quite a bit lower than its competition.

The SCAR Charger is available at Remember to use the discount code “triggerjerk” for 5% off your purchase.

IWC SCAR Charging Handle Mounted Up

4 Responses to Review: IWC SCAR Charger

  1. Skoot April 29, 2013 at 09:04 #

    Great looking charge handle.

    The open design and the contoured finger shape is visually pleasing to the eye as it mirrors the look of the factory sling mounts.
    When it’s mounted the fit compliments the overall symmetrical appearance of the SCAR without looking to bulky.

    Nice work!

    (Any new design plans for a SCAR trigger coming in the future?)


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