Ka-Bar TDI Master Key

Ka-Bar’s collaboration with TDI has been a successful one. Until now, most of their offerings haven’t strayed far from the original Ka-Bar TDI fixed blade. However, the Master Key is definitely a departure from their past offerings.


The Master Key is part knife, part pry bar, part nail puller, and part improvised face rearranging device. It is made from .25″ thick 1095 Cro-Van which is a steel that Ka-Bar is able to get the most out of in terms of toughness. Its design is not all that dissimilar from any flat pry bar on the market except for the cutting/chopping edge on one side. It also comes with very functional looking sheath.

This looks like a great addition to a BOB or vehicle emergency kit. Check out the Ka-Bar TDI Master Key at BladeHQ.

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