Mini Roly Multicam Patch Mat from OC Tactical and ORCA Tactical

I am a big fan of the OC Tactical Patch Grande and Mondo Patch Mats, but sometimes you need a smaller patch panel that can hold just a few patches and stay portable. That is where the ORCA Tactical Mini Roly Patch Mat comes it. We have mentioned it before but this is a new, all Multicam version, that is a collaboration between ORCA Tactical and OC Tactical.

OC Tactical ORCA Tactical Mini Roly Patch Mat

The Mini Roly Multicam Patch Mat is 30″ tall and 4.25″ wide. That is enough space to display several patches but still be able to roll them up into a compact package. There is a single grommet located at one end to allow for several hanging options. This all Multicam version features Multicam binding and Velcro.

Check out the Mini Roly Multicam Patch Mat at

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