Up Armor Your Y.U.C.K.

My family and I love the Y.U.C.K. from Fight and Flight Tactical. Our daughters use their backpacks all the time whether they are going across town or just on an “adventure” across the living room.

My oldest operator... planning her next mission.

My oldest operator… planning her next mission.

Fight and Flight Tactical recently posted some interesting information about how the Y.U.C.K. can accept soft armor plate backers:

“Around Christmas last year, the family and I were driving to see some family in Texas, and Sandy Hook came up in conversation. The wife and I engaged in an in-depth discussion on what kids could actually do to protect themselves in the case of a mass shooting. Many schools subscribe to the “duck and cover” line of thinking (however flawed it may be), and it occurred to me that it just so happened that the Y.U.C.K. and Y.U.C.K. II are perfectly sized and shaped to hold an armor plate backer in their hydration bladder pockets. So, if your kids’ schools don’t allow a common sense approach to protecting your kids (like armed security, or teachers with concealed carry permits), using a Y.U.C.K. or Y.U.C.K. II with a level IIIA plate backer will give your precious little ones an extra edge towards surviving, should another mass shooting occur in YOUR hometown.”


For a Y.U.C.K., use an 8″x10″ shooter cut plate backer,
For a Y.U.C.K. II, use an 10″x13″ or an 11″x14″ shooter cut plate backer.

I checked it out and they do fit quite well. Just when I thought the Y.U.C.K. couldn’t get any cooler.

Check out FightandFlight.com.

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