Emerson EDC-1 Multitool Now Available

What happens when you combine the premier name in tactical knives and the premier name in multi-tools? Well, something pretty incredible happens. Something like the EDC-1 Multitool from Emerson Knives and Multitasker Tools happens.

Emerson EDC-1 Multitool

The EDC-1 Multitool should look immediately familiar to fans of Emerson Knives. The blade shape is unmistakably Emerson Commander-esque and it features an Emerson Wave Opener. The tool also features several other tools including screw drivers in various shapes, an absolutely wicked looking awl, and a detachable pocket tool that has various box wrenches, a bottle opener, and can be used for light prying. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Multitasker Tool without G10 handle slabs.

Check out the EDC-1 Multitool on EmersonKnives.com.


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