The Becker Knife & Tool BK10 Crewman is Returning


I always thought that the BK10 Crewman was the most practical Becker knife available during the days when Camillus still made the Becker Knife & Tool line. The Crewman is basically just a shortened version of the larger BK7. It is similar in size to the currently available Campanion but is 3/16″ thick rather than 1/4″ thick like the Campanion. This made it a better cutter while still retaining more than enough durability for anything you should be asking a knife to do. Thankfully, Ka-Bar reintroduced the Crewman at the 2013 SHOT Show and it should be available again soon.

The Becker Crewman knives are already listed at BladeHQ and should be in stock soon.

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