Custom Becker Knife & Tool Handles from The-Knife-Connection

T-K-C Becker Handles

Our friends at The-Knife-Connection are now offering G-10 handle scales for the Becker Knife & Tool 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 10 Series knives. They make the nicest and most functional handles around for most of the ESEE line and now they are applying that same know-how to the Becker line-up.

These scales are CNC machined and for a precise fit. They are designed to work with the factory sheath which means you don’t have to have a custom sheath made to fit the handles. The handle scales are available in a variety of colors that range from very subdued to very highly visible.

Check out the Becker Knife & Tool Handles from The-Knife-Connection.

T-K-C Becker Handles Orange

T-K-C Becker Handles Blue Black

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