St. Patrick’s Day OD Green Sling Sale at Blue Force Gear

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and Blue Force Gear is having a sale on their OD Green Vickers Combat Applications Slings (VCAS). The unpadded and padded versions with Acetal slider are on sale for 25% off.

Lots of sale OD slings

I own 4 of the padded version of this sling. I like BFG’s OD Green color because it is less saturated than your typical OD Green color and it has a bit more gray in it. It is a more smokey, medium tone that doesn’t stand out as much. This unique color comes from the fact that the St. Patrick’s Day slings all start out tan and are individually dipped into green beer one pint at a time by tireless BFG craftsmen. It is an expensive process because each green beer can only be used for 1 sling and then must be discarded (but I hear that most of them don’t make it to the drain, if you catch my drift). I’m only kidding about the green beer dipping. Or am I?

Check out the St. Patrick’s Day OD Green Sling Sale at Blue Force Gear.

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