Review: BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 1

BCM is one of the few companies out there that, based on reputation alone, can get me over the initial skepticism that I usually have for a new product. So, when the BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator was announced, I figured that the list of potential muzzle devices to replace the pinned A2X on my BCM 14.5” Mid-Length Carbine just got one device longer. Since the announcement, I have had the chance to put just under 250 rounds through a BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 1. This review will outline my experience with it so far.



BCM has marketed the BCMGUNFIGHTER Comp as a compensator for more serious use. It is designed to suppress flash, control muzzle rise and recoil, and do all of it without the tremendous over-pressure that some comps are plagued with. It is constructed from stainless steel. The MOD 1, which I was testing, is longer and comes pre-drilled for permanent installation to bring a 14.5” barrel up to 16” in length.

The BCMGUNFIGHTER Comp 6 large slots (3 on each side) that are oriented front to back. These slots work with a cone toward the front of the device to do much of the heavy lifting in terms of recoil and muzzle rise reduction.


Observations from Use

It is inevitable that the BCM GUNFIGHTER Comp will be compared to the Battle Comp. Since so many people are already familiar with the performance of the Battle Comp, I will use it for a direct comparison throughout the review.

In terms of flash suppression, the BCM GUNFIGHTER Comp was solid… for a compensator. I tested it along side several devices with Prvi 75 grain .223 ammo, 55 grain Federal bulk pack .223, and some M855 62 grain 5.56. It suppressed flash on par or perhaps slightly better with the Battle Comp and was basically outperformed by dedicated flash suppressors. That sounds bad but it is actually quite good. This is a comp first and it happens to have adequate flash suppression capabilities.

Recoil Control was very good. I would say the Battle Comp outperforms it here very slightly. However, I also find recoil to be the most subjective parts of these tests. There just isn’t much to begin with and different shooters seem to deal with it differently. I found that it definitely has a discernible affect on the felt recoil.


Muzzle rise reduction is what I was most concerned about and I wasn’t disappointed. The Battle Comp seems to push the muzzle down ever so slightly but I found that the BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator was a bit more neutral to me. However, it is not quite as laterally stable as the Battle Comp – which is a big part of what makes the Battle Comp a great device to me. I found a tendency for the muzzle to move more left or right than up or down with the BCMGUNFIGHTER Comp. The movement was confined to a workable “wobble zone” that still allowed me to ride sights or reticle noticeably faster than I could with just a flash suppressor installed on the test carbine.

In terms of additional sound and overpressure, I was very pleased. You still would not want to put your face next to this comp but it wasn’t bad at all. I stood next to the BCMGUNFIGHTER Comp while the carbine it was installed on was being fired and it was quite bearable with hearing protection on. It didn’t have the sharp crack and chest rattling feeling that users of other compensators will no doubt be familiar with. If you have stood next to a Battle Comp and noticed how relatively (“relatively” being the key) mild the concussion is, the the BCMGUNFIGHTER Comp experience will be similar.


Wrap Up

The BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 1 compares favorably in most areas to the Battle Comp and manages to do so at a lower price point. It isn’t as rock steady as the Battle Comp but it doesn’t push the muzzle down as much either which I like. In terms of sound and flash suppression, they are very close.

Throughout the testing, I had this installed on a 16” barreled carbine that was just serving as the test mule. The ultimate goal was to find a device that I could commit to permanently attaching to a 14.5” carbine that I have. So, I think the ultimate statement that I can make as to how much I like the BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 1 is to say that I will be boxing it up very shortly and sending it off to ADCO Firearms to be permanently attached to my carbine.

These have been hard to get recently but PredatorARMAMENT is where I got mine and they have been able to keep them in stock fairly regularly. Check out the BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 1 at PredatorARMAMENT.

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