AR500 Omega Armor Plate Carriers and Custom Camo from BCS

AR500 steel armor plates are popular with those who want rifle threat protection on a limited budget. However, the plates are often not shaped exactly like other plates which can make finding a carrier for them very difficult. Well, not any more. Beez Combat Systems (BCS) now has a full suite of plate carriers for the AR500 Omega Armor Plates from The Target Man.


The carriers come in 4 different styles that range from fuller featured load bearing set ups to lower profile, slick front carriers. BCS tells me that they are so happy with the designs that they are going to adapt them to traditional SAPI style plates as well.

BCS is now offering custom camo as well. They already stock a good selection of camo patterns and colors, but now you can send in your own pattern of your choosing. You provide the fabric and BCS will use the webbing and buckle color that they have in stock and is the closest match. This makes it possible to have the BCS gear that you want in any color or pattern that you can source.

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