Tough Hook on Kickstarter

I like to keep all of my chest rigs and plate carriers hung up and organized. I have been using the “World’s Strongest Coat Hangers” that I first learned about on ITS Tactical. They work very well for me but I am always interested in the possibility of something that does a job differently.

Tough Hook

The Tough Hook is a Kickstarter project that recently caught my attention. It is a heavy equipment hanger designed to hold gear like SCUBA equipment or body armor. It’s form is not that unlike many of the SCUBA hangers that are already on the market but it has a great handle feature that really sets it apart. The hanger can be flipped to be used as a carry handle for transporting your body armor or other heavy equipment.

You can learn more about Tough Hook on their Kickstarter project page and their Facebook Page.


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