Echo93 Gunsmithing and CAV-15 Services

You know Echo Nine Three for their excellent AK Sling Plates but did you also know that they offer general gunsmith services? Joe Elledge, the owner of E93 has been working as a gunsmith since 2000.

Joe was a certified armorer for the CAV-15 lower receivers back when they were being produced by Cavalry Arms. He developed a series of modifications for the CAV-15 that Cavalry Arms liked so much that they covered his mods under their warranty. The mods included shortening the stock to a length more fitting a carbine, fitting a new butt plate, under cutting the trigger guard to allow a higher grip, and stippling the grip.

cav arms chop

These mods are more interesting than ever thanks to the availability of the CAV-15 MKII lowers from GWACS Armory. GWACS Armory has managed to stay above water during this time of panic buying and is still able to get their lowers out the door in just a few days. E93 is now, once again, in the CAV-15 modification business.

E93 charges $85 for the stock cut and butt pad fitting or $125 for the entire package listed above. I have a lower on its way for Joe to work his magic on and I will be completing a review when it returns.

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