The Latest on the E-Lander Magazines from The Mako Group

EARM30 W-2

The Mako Group put out an official update on their shipping times. Their order volume has been through the roof, thanks in large part to the current availability of the E-Lander AR-15 Magazines that we mentioned previously.

From The Mako Group:

“At this time, we are extending the fulfillment time on all new orders to shipping sometime within 3 weeks.
This is for new orders, not orders already placed.
We still may be able to get orders out in 10 days or two weeks or so, but our number of orders has continued to increase, and we do not want the processing of new orders to slow down the packing and shipping of existing orders.

We also do not want to give unrealistic expectations to our customers.

For those who have already ordered, we are still doing all we can to keep fulfillment around 10 days. This extension in shipping time will affect only orders placed from now on.

We will be hiring more people at our Long Island headquarters to process orders and are working double shifts and weekends to get the orders out and decrease this lead time.”

You can check out the E-Lander AR-15 Magazines at Use the discount code JERK for 5% off your order and you can also use the code FREE-GRND for free shipping on orders of $99 or more (IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT choose a shipping method when using the free shipping code).


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