Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit and Pouch from ITS Tactical

The ITS Tactical medical line up is growing – vertically. There new Tallboy Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit and Pouch represent an alternative to the original version which is now called the Fatboy Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit and Pouch.

ITS Tactical Tallboy

The new Tallboy version takes up less PALS columns (2) than the original Fatboy (3). This opens up some additional mounting options since the Tallboy is no wider than a typical double M4 mag pouch. Additionally, the Tallboy can be mounted horizontally using short MALICE clips (included) which makes ideal for mounting on a battle belt. Both versions will now include an ITS Tactical small medical patches.

The ETA Trauma Kit is also now available in Tallboy format to fit the new pouch. It includes the same components as previous ETA Trauma Kits.

Check out ITSTactical.com.

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