Magpul Pick Two Package from PredatorARMAMENT

Thanks to The Great Panic Buy of 2012, there are a lot of shooters out there who are looking to outfit a new carbine. If you are looking to pick up what you need to finish your carbine, PredatorARMAMENT has you covered with their new Magpul Pick Two Package.


The package is simple. You can pick two Magpul items including MOE Stocks, MOE+ Grips, MS3 Slings, and more and you pay just $75. I always advocate getting to know your carbine on the range before you drop a ton of money on accessories, but many shooters are just going to purchase many of the parts in this package separately right away anyway. This will allow them to combine 2 common carbine additions and save money doing it. In addition, you can add other Magpul items to the package at a reduced price.

Check out the Magpul Pick Two Package on


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