BCS Plate Carrier AR500 Omega Armor Trauma Plates

Steel trauma plates have always been popular due to their low price. However, their non-standard size and shape often prevents them from fitting some carriers. Beez Combat Systems (BCS) is creating some new plate carriers to fit the steel trauma plates from The Target Man.


The new carriers have several new design elements. Previously, BCS made their plate carriers to load from the top. These new ones will load from the bottom. The plate pockets are designed to hold the unique shape of the steel plates perfectly. They also redesigned the shoulder straps and pads for more comfort and a lower profile. The plate carrier is also designed to ride quite high (as it should).

They are working on several versions and configurations including the MOLLE version shown. They will also have a slick version for a lower profile.

These new carriers should be available soon, along with steel trauma plates, from Beez Combat Systems.

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