Vigilant Gear Titanium Entry Card

A few weeks ago there were no credit card form factor lockpick sets made from titanium on the market. Now there are two. We have already reviewed the ITS Titanium Entry Card. The newest one is the Vigilant Gear Titanium Entry Card.

The Vigilant Gear Titanium Entry Card features 6 pieces. It comes with a Bogota Single, Bogota Double, Bogota Triple, Bogota Sabana, Short Hook, Double-Ended Tension Wrench. It also comes with a Tyvek sleeve to protect your credit cards from the pickset.

This is a very full featured pick set. I especially like the double-ended tension wrench. It is cut into the card at an angle so it can be as long as possible.

I am looking forward to trying this out. Stay tuned for a full review and a giveaway! In the mean time, check out


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