PIG Mollevella (UCR Bib)

The SKD/Eagle Universal Chest Rig (UCR) started life as a pretty basic but very versatile chest rig and has now grown into a modular design that offers quite a bit of functionality. The newest modular addition is the PIG Mollevella.

The PIG Mollevella is a bib attachment that adds additional PALS webbing and admin storage to the UCR. It can be attached to either the Eagle Industries version of the UCR or the new PIG version as long as the chest rig in question has the PIG CR-UTV-MS Upgrade Straps. It attaches to the shoulder straps and tucks into the admin area of the UCR where it is secured in the Velcro closure.

The Mollevella features an additional 3×5 PALS panel, an internal zipper closed pouch, and mesh pocket on the rear with elastic organizer loops. It is available in all your favorite colors so your tactical tuxedo doesn’t clash.

Check out the Mollevella on SKDTAC.com.



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