MK VII K9 Harness from Fight and Flight Tactical

Fight and Flight Tactical just released the latest version of their K9 Harness – the MK VII K9 Harness. These harnesses have been through multiple improvements over the years based on the experience and know-how of skilled K9 handlers.

The new MK VII K9 Harness is available in both tactical and sport versions. The MK VII Tactical K9 Harness features more durable metal hardware that allows it to stand up to be used safely for rappelling. The MK VII Sport K9 Harness utilizes plastic hardware to keep the cost down but it is not suitable for rappelling. Both harnesses feature plenty of PALS webbing, an internal harness to distribute the stresses of rappelling, a skid plate to protect the K9’s underside, internal pockets for cooling packs, and a clever angled design that prevents choking.

It is probably worth noting that no one makes tactical cat harnesses. Just sayin’.

Check out the MK VII K9 Harness on

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