Hill People Gear Prairie Belt

Hill People Gear is giving the world some insight into their upcoming Prairie Belt on their forums.This dual purpose belt seems to have a lot going for it.

The Prairie Belt is designed to used as a stand-alone “battle” belt or as a hip belt for a pack. It has special features that allow it to serve this dual purpose effectively like removable stabilizer straps and the ability to work with a wide variety of packs (any pack with standard 6″ stay spacing or that secure the belt behind a lumbar pad). The stabilizer straps can be reconfigured to attach the Prairie Belt to the Hill People Gear Shoulder Harness which should really help distribute the weight of whatever you are carrying on the belt.

The belt also features multiple layers of foam that are removable and can be swapped to configure the padding to your tastes. There is cordage on the rear of the belt than can be used to stow bulky items like a jacket. Additionally, there are design features that allow the Prairie Belt to function as part of a climbing harness. A climbing kit may be in the works.

Check out the Prairie Belt on the Hill People Gear Forum.

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