Bullpup Shoot 2012: Rat Worx USA

Rat Worx USA has some very cool items on display including their AUG specific SPX Suppressor. They also set up an epic shooting bay with plenty of full-auto fun to be had with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

This suppressor is designed specifically for the AUG and MSAR rifles. It traps the gas from the AUG’s external gas porting. This effectively deals with the main reason why suppressed AUGs are louder than other rifles when suppressed. I heard these in action and they are extremely impressive.

This close up shows the roll mark on the new Rat Worx suppressor.

AUG and MSAR parts can be difficult to find at times. Rat Worx designed a bolt that utilizes standard AR-15 ejectors and extractors.

This AUG trigger group utilizes standard AR-15 fire control parts.

Brass coming your way courtesy of the Rat Worx full auto MSAR.

More full-auto fun.

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