JTT Attending Bullpup Shoot 2012

If you attend Bullpup Shoot 2012, you just might run into me as I cover the action for Jerking the Trigger. This is the premier event for fans of bullpups and manufacturers who develop bullpup related products.

We will be there to see the latest products from Manticore Arms, Desert Tactical Arms, Steyr Arms and more. I suspect that Steyr Arms will steal the show with their new, US manufactured AUGs. We have been waiting for the return of the AUG to the US market for years and it has finally arrived.

If you are attending (and you should be) keep an eye out for the JTT crew!

One Response to JTT Attending Bullpup Shoot 2012

  1. Mike D September 11, 2012 at 21:00 #

    I’m not a huge bullpup fan, but I wouldn’t mind heading over there to meet you guys since you’ll be in town.

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