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Some of you may not know that Chris Costa and Travis Haley are no longer part of Magpul Dynamics (the training wing of Magpul). Both have moved on to their own individual ventures. In spite of these high profile departures, Magpul Dynamics is in good hands.

From left to right: Jon, Duane, and Steve

The newest member of the team is Jon Canipe. Jon has impeccable credentials but, more importantly, he is an excellent instructor by all accounts. I haven’t trained with Jon, but he did take time out of busy schedule to do an interview on this very blog back when JTT was just starting out. Jon joins Duane Liptak Jr., Steve Fisher, and Caylen Wojcik, all noted instructors themselves.

You can read more about the current Magpul Dynamics staff in their industry forum on

One Response to Magpul Dynamics News

  1. Ebbs September 6, 2012 at 14:03 #

    I was told straight from a trusted source at Magpul that the loss of Haley and Costa had zero to no affect on the Magpul family compared to what the public perception was/is.

    Basically they built their own brand on Magpul’s dime then split in hopes to make more.

    “We’ll see how that works for them.” was the exact final quote I got on the subject.

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