Manticore Arms Scorpion Grip GEN 2 for the SIG 556

You may already know of Manticore Arms for their line of excellent muzzle devices for the AK family of weapons. However, they also develop products for the AR-15 and the SIG 556. We don’t talk about the SIG 556 but I know there are a few of you readers out there who shoot them.

Until now SIG 556 shooters haven’t had a lot of choices when it comes to grips. Manticore Arms has recently introduced their generation 2 Scorpion Grip for the SIG 556. The new generation grip features improved texture and a wider variety of available colors. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware.

Manticore Arms states that the Scorpion Grip will fit all models of SIG 556, SIG 522, SIG 551A1, SIG 556 Classic, SIG 556R, SIG 556 Pistols, and the early SIG 556 with the M4 stock.  If you have a specific model of SIG 55X series rifle not listed, you can contact Manticore Arms to see if the grip will work for you.

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