I am sure many of you share my concern for Mark Basa’s health. He is the owner of TAREINCO and apparently he never sleeps. We recently told you about the Tape Switch Holder (TSH) that he created and now another creation is rolling off his busy workbench – the LoPro Wallet.

Compared to the LoPro Wallet, most wallets are kind of like those old wool bathing suits that covered a person from neck to knee. The LoPro wallet is more like a Speedo. This is one tiny wallet and yet, in true TAREINCO style, it is packing some interesting features.

The LoPro wallet utilized elastic to be compact, but allow enough expansion to carry several credit cards, IDs, and cash. It features a hook and loop flap closure that keeps everything intact. It also has a small loop field for adding a morale patch. If you are without pockets, the LoPro wallet can be secured to a small belt. So, yeah, the LoPro is tiny in size but it is big on features.

Check out the LoPro Wallet at TAREINCO.com.

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