Bad Blood Knives Push Dagger at TacStrike

The Sean Kendrick designed Bad Blood Knives line from HallMark Cutlery is really making a name for itself as a high value brand. TacStrike has been carrying them for sometime now and the customer feedback has been great.

They recently received their first shipment of the Bad Blood Knives Push Dagger and they are offering some special deals to help spread the word. If you purchase a Push Dagger and an Arch Frame Target Carrier, you will receive 50% off the Push Dagger. Additionally, any purchase of a Push Dagger will also include a Bad Blood Sticker, a TacStrike Pin-Up-Girl Sticker and a Pocket Constitution.

Push daggers can be a very intuitive and easy to retain option for those who are looking to add self defense knife to their EDC. The user needs only to grip the knife properly and make a fist.

Check out the Bad Blood Knives Push Dagger on

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