War Sport Industries Magpul MIAD Mix Up Kits

The Magpul MIAD grip’s modular design and variety of available colors lends itself to some mixing and matching. People like to mix various colors in order to create a bit of a camo effect. In the old days you had to purchase 2 grips or to swap parts with a buddy but no more… War Sport Industries is now offering MIADs in any color combo you want. You just choose your preferred colors from a drop down list and add it to your cart.It couldn’t be any easier.

Some day you will tell your kids about how you used to walk up hill both ways to school and how if you wanted a custom color combo on your MIAD you had to buy two grips. They will probably roll their eyes, but don’t let that stop you from checking out the Magpul MIAD Mix Up Kits on WarSport-US.net.

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