Karrimor SF Introduces Multicam Options

Karrimor SF is now introducing Multicam as an option on some of their packs. The addition of Multicam in their line up of packs will likely go over very well in the US market, once they arrive.

The Sabre 45 and the Sabre Hydro 30 are the first Karrimor SF offerings to receive the Multicam treatment. The Sabre 45 is a classic Bergen style pack with some modern features and matching Multicam side pockets are available. The Sabre Hydro 30 is a smaller pack with a more low profile design.

These packs look pretty darn good and I am looking forward to their entry into the US market.

Karrimor SF Sabre Hydro 30

Karrimor SF Sabre 45


One Response to Karrimor SF Introduces Multicam Options

  1. Publius July 22, 2012 at 17:47 #

    So any idea who will be carrying these products in the US? Sabre Hydro 30 looks perfect for what I need.

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