The Defilade Bundle from Fight and Flight Tactical

Fight and Flight Tactical is offering a new bundle that includes a Defilade pack, one of their brand new GP Mini Pouches, and one of their brand new Tailgate Organizer Pouches. Both pouches are designed to fit perfectly on the Defilade but are also versatile enough to be useful for other purposes.

The GP Mini Pouch is a small pouch that offers internal organization and a full clam shell design. The organization is in the form of elastic loops and loop lining (Velcro). It has a very small footprint that makes it perfect for the side of the Defilade but it would also work well as a small admin/GP pouch in just about any application.

The Tailgate Organizer Pouch (TOP) is designed to fit the footprint of the Defilade’s beaver-tail storage area. It also offers internal organization in the form of elastic loops and loop lining (Velcro) with the addition of some pockets. The TOP is a fairly large pouch that offers a lot of organization potential.

All of these items combined make for a pretty impressive EDC pack. Check out the new Defilade Bundle on

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