Ares Armor Huskey Amentum Slider Sling Mark II – First Look

The original Ares Armor Huskey Amentum Slider Sling offered a functional combination of features from a modern 2 point sling and a shooting sling. Ares Armor has infused even more functionality into the new Mark II version of the sling with some help from Impact Weapons Components.

The Patent Pending Huskey Amentum Slider Sling Mark II (HASS MkII) offers a combination of features and functionality of that make it pretty unique. Like the original, it can be adjusted by moving the pull loop in either direction and it is designed to act as a shooting aid. However, the HASS MkII offers the new ability to over-tighten the sling.

This over-tighten functionality allows the user to cinch their carbine up close to their body to when they need their hands free to accomplish other tasks without having to worry about controlling their carbine. When the user needs to bring the carbine back into action, they simply press a lever on the slider to release slack as they drive the carbine back up into the shooting position. Impact Weapons Components designed the custom slider that makes this possible.

The HASS MkII utilizes 1.25″ webbing throughout and has all metal hardware. Like the original, it features a contrasting pull loop so the user can quickly visually differentiate the loop from the rest of the sling.

The Huskey Amentum Slider Sling Mark II certainly looks impressive. We have one of these inbound for review, so stay tuned for more details.

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