Custom Kydex Makers Adopting the G-Code RTI Hangers

The G-Code RTI system is about as slick as it gets. It allows you to quickly and easily move kydex accessories like holsters and mag pouches from one mounting solution to another. It is an extremely adaptable and modular system that can be attached to everything from MOLLE webbing, to belts, to drop leg hangers, and everything in between. Now, the RTI Hangers appears to be enjoying some level of standardization as it has been adopted by 2 custom kydex benders: Off the Grid Concepts LLC and Fury Carry Solutions.

This type of standardization is very good for the consumer as it broadens the availability, cross-compatibility, and versatility of a system. I hope more companies in the industry will begin to follow this example.

Off the Grid Concepts LLC

Fury Carry Solutions


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