Elzetta Custom Shop

Are you looking for a flashlight that will work even when it is completely full of water, that you can repeatedly drive nails with, and that you can engrave the name of your sweetheart on? Then look no further than Elzetta and their new Custom Shop.

From their press release…

Elzetta Design, LLC continues to lead the tactical lighting industry in versatility, configurability, and personalization and is pleased to announce the new Elzetta Custom Shop Program featuring individualized engraving of Elzetta ZFL-M60 LED Flashlights.  Customers may choose from 72 Elzetta ZFL-M60 flashlight configurations and then make their flashlight truly unique by having their name, department, badge number, slogan, or other text laser engraved into the body at the factory.  Elzetta Flashlights, like all Elzetta products, are Made in USA with a limited lifetime warranty.  More information is available at www.ELZETTA.com.

They will be offering engraving for single lights or entire batches. The fees are very reasonable and the end product looks great. Check out the Elzetta Custom Shop at Elzetta.com.

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