Guest Post: Addax Tactical ORM Review by Greg Carlson

Please welcome back Greg Carlson of Carlson Comps for his second guest post on JTT.

Every once in a while, an AR-15 comes along that impresses me and separates itself from the pack. There are a ton of upgrade options available for the AR-15 so I usually look for a basic one to start with. That was certainly the case when I was introduced to the Addax Tactical ORM (Optics Ready Mid-length) DI AR 15. This review will serve as a quick, down and dirty observation through testing of that rifle.

Located in San Fernando California, Addax Tactical has been building quality AR 15 rifles for a few years now. Their primary objective continues to be attention to detail with their firearms, and I must say that this middy ORM certainly was everything I expected and more. They were originally known for their piston type AR platforms which were operated by a unique dwell-type gas system that was derived largely from the AK-47 action. Addax has now switched gears and has recently been solely focused on DI AR platforms in both 5.56 and 308.

When I contacted Chris, the owner of Addax Tactical, for the next addition to my AR family, I requested a simple and sturdy AR. I also wanted to include a couple of components that I have always wanted, but never got around to including on any of my AR’s. With Chris’s help, I was able to incorporate of some of these features – a billet lower, mid-length gas system, and flat dark earth color furniture. I requested these features with the intent of staying within what I consider to be a basic rifle.


When I first inspected my new ORM rifle, I quickly realized that it “just felt right.” There was an absence of play between the upper and the lower because the lower incorporates a tensioning screw. Along with excellent overall fit and finish, the weapon was also balanced perfectly. The rifle incorporates a 14.5” barrel to which I permanently installed a custom muzzle device of my own design to achieve a 16.5“ OAL. After I validated the quality of the rifle visually, I was now very anxious to shoot this rifle.

My high hopes were gratified the next day at the range during testing. The weapon is “light” at 6.5 pounds (dry) and it shouldered quickly and responded smartly. The perceived recoil was lighter than normal and I found the rifle to react and point easily. As I engaged multiple targets, I was able to manipulate the weapon through several courses of fire without issue. I also tested some additions to this rifle at the range – a Wilson Combat TR-TUU drop in unit and an YHM flip up front sight base. Both performed well.

Wrap Up

The Addax Tactical ORM AR15 functioned flawlessly. It shot well on the move and from various field positions. It endured some hot, dry, dusty conditions (as always, with any AR-15, I recommend keeping the action well lubed for optimum performance). I experienced no issues with function, and the action was smooth and consistent. Overall, the ORM digested over 1500 rounds of American Eagle .223 55 grain FMJ (lot SMQ12D044-200) ammo and it wanted more. This is a robust and well-built firearm and will most likely be my “go to gun”.

Check out the Addax Tactical ORM. Thank you to for providing some of the products used in this review.

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