Mil-Spec Monkey Retracto-Plugs

When you think Mil-Spec Monkey (MSM), you probably think patches but the Monkey has some pretty good ideas when it comes to gear as well. His admin pouch designs are some of my favorites and his MSM Loop Panels are as versatile as can be. MSM recently introduced the MSM Retracto-Plugs which prove the Monkey still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

The MSM Retracto-Plugs are basically ear plugs that are attached to retractable lanyards which can be affixed inside of a helmet. The Retracto-Plugs are held in place with adhesive hook and loop. Installation looks very easy and it would be handy to have a set of easily retained ear plugs even if you use electronic hearing protection.

Check out the MSM Retracto-Plugs at

One Response to Mil-Spec Monkey Retracto-Plugs

  1. koolaidguzzler June 27, 2012 at 03:10 #

    Instead of velcro, the plug hubs should have metal spring clips on them so they’re more versatile for the civilian market. most civvie hats aren’t easily compatible with velcro patches, but most are compatible with clip-on devices.

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