Modern Musket

The arms that our Founding Fathers had at their disposal when they wrote The Constitution didn’t look much like today’s firearms. This fact is often used by those who would like to see our right to bear arms diminished to justify banning so called “assault weapons.” These people lack the perspective to realize that those muskets of old were implements of war and that today’s firearms are nothing more than modern muskets.

Modern Musket is a grassroots movement that advocates for the right to own the firearms that are commonly referred to as assault rifles by raising awareness. From their Facebook page:

Additionally, part of our goal is to eliminate misconstrued fears and negative perceptions of these types of firearms. It must be understood that they are not “assault weapons,” they are simply modern semi-automatic rifles, and the ability to keep and bear these rifles is essential to liberty.

Modern Musket offers products to heighten awareness, and to allow people to make a statement for what they believe in. A portion of the revenue generated through the sale of these items is donated to other organizations that fight for Second Amendment rights.

Check out the Modern Musket webstore and Facebook page.

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