Snake Hound Machine RLTW

Snake Hound Machine LLC is a relatively new custom shop that deals with the AK family of rifles exclusively. It is operated by Owen Martin who also writes the blog, Their first offering is the Recon Lightweight Tactical Weapon or RLTW.

The RLTW starts with a hand picked (or customer provided AK) that Owen then tunes and refines. The AKs are checked for head space and general straightness. They are straightened if required. Then Owen installs a G2 trigger group that has been polished and tuned to have a shorter trigger pull. The bolt carrier and receiver rails are polished to improve the feel and cycling of the rifle.

The RLTW also receives a number of high quality bolt on parts. These parts include an Ultimak M1-B scout rail, VLTOR buffer tube with Magpul CTR stock, Tech-Sights, a US PALM AK BattleGrip and more. Many of these are parts that I use on my personal AKMs.

The result is a AK that Snake Hound claims is capable of very good accuracy (1-2 MOA). Each rifle is provided with a test target to verify this.

Check out the Snake Hound RLTW and Haus of Guns for a review of the RLTW.

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  1. Zak June 19, 2012 at 12:58 #

    Want! Need to save up some cash.

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