Battle Systems Marker Panel, Individual, LW Mk1 Release Dates and Information

We have mentioned the Battle Systems Marker Panel, Indvidual, LW (MPIL) here before as we looked forward to its release. Now, we finally have the release dates for this lightweight, compact day/night capable marker system.

This Multicam Mystery Ranch Crew Cab would be tough to spot without the MPIL affixed to it.

The MPIL is designed to replace the legacy VIS-17 panels which are used by ground combat elements for communicating with other ground personnel or air elements. The VIS-17 panels need to be cut down and modified in order to be useful but the MPIL comes ready to work. It is already a handy 17″ x 17″ size and weighs about 1 ounce. It can be folded down to a package that is about 2.5″ x 2.5″ x .5″. There are  sides, international orange (blaze orange) and fluorescent pink, each with a color matched Velcro square in the center which allows the user to attach IR reflective markers (available as an option) for low light/no light use. The tie downs at each corner allow the MPIL to be affixed to your gear or connected to other MPIL via carabiners (National Molding Poli Binas will be available at the time of purchase).

All of this functionality makes for a versatile piece of gear for military personal or any outdoor adventurers. These panels have a place in any kit and are useful for getting found and staying found. Jon L and I are working on a full review of the MPIL.

The MPIL doesn't take up much space.

Battle Systems is initially releasing what it calls the Mk1 version on June 24th. This initial version is about 80% Berry Compliant and it features OD green tie down loops at all 4 corners. The coming Mk2 version will display changes including 100% Berry Compliance and Coyote Brown tie down loops. The best part about this Mk1 version is the special price. They will be available for only $14.99 (the Mk2 version will cost $19.99).

Check out the MPIL at Battle System’s website.

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