SAR Global Tool – Maker of Knives, Detector of Metal

How cool is this? Spencer, over at SAR Global Tool (maker of the excellent ESS), is a bit of a renaissance man. He grinds cool knives, makes innovative search and rescue tools, and metal detects for historical objects. Now he and a friend have a blog called DUG (Discovered Under Ground) that chronicles their adventures in metal detecting and the stories are truly fascinating.

What are the odds that he will come across some survivalist’s cache of weapons? Now I wish I had time for another hobby.

One Response to SAR Global Tool – Maker of Knives, Detector of Metal

  1. Spencer Alan Reiter May 30, 2012 at 11:24 #


    Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with your readers. This hobby has turned into more than we expected, at first it was finding gold and silver which of course we don’t mind at all.

    But really the greatest value has been some unique finds that allow us to step back in time and tell a story that covers what we call the “Narrow” history which in a sense more personal. I have already dug several pocket knives and the coolest one has the blade deployed and it is mostly rusted away….same as the day the owner laid it down and walked away.

    The impact it has had on my two children has been really cool, they are filled with curiosity and have become quite the little historians…it’s such a pleasure to watch them grow.

    Once again thanks

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