Fight and Flight Tactical Defilade

There are tons of backpacks on the market that are designed to conceal handguns. There aren’t many that can conceal and handgun and protect you from ballistic threats. The Defilade from Fight and Flight Tactical can do both.

The Defilade is a compact backpack that can be used to organize and carry all sort of standard everyday items. However, it can also carry a ballistic plate (and/or a soft armor plate backer) and a handgun. The plate and soft armor are carried in a slip pocket that is inside the main compartment of the bag. The handgun is carried in a pouch that is accessible from three different locations (right, left, and top) so that the bag is completely ambidextrous. The back of the bag has two loops that allow you to slip the bag on like a centurion’s shield. With practice, transferring the pack from your back to your arm and drawing your handgun can be relatively quickly. I suspect that the pack could also be worn on your front using the backpack straps if you needed to free up use of your support hand.

There are two version of the Defilade available – Tactical and EDC. The Tactical model features external MOLLE webbing for adding additional pouches and a detachable “tail gate” which is like a beaver tail storage area that can be used to secure a rifle or other bulky items. The EDC model has no external MOLLE or tail gate which gives it a more innocuous appearance.

Both models have airmesh on the harness for comfort, hydration ports, external sleeves for clipping items like knives and flashlights, and internal Velcro for adding organization. The exterior dimensions of the bag at 17x12x5″ so there is a fair amount of space for gear even with a handgun and rifle plate on board.

Check out the Defilade at Fight and Flight Tactical.

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