New GAMMA+ Rifle Plate Replacement – The SIGMA Project

The TAP GAMMA+ ballistic plates have been extremely popular over the last several months thanks to their lightweight, performance, and their extremely reasonable price. I posted about them in one of the most popular posts ever on JTT – High Value Armor Set Up. Unfortunately, there was only a limited supply of these plates and they are already becoming very scarce.

TAP GAMMA+ plate shown with a Shellback Tactical Banshee PC

GearSnake recently posted a history of the GAMMA+ plates that is very informative and wrapped up the post with a rumor about a new plate that is in the works to replace the GAMMA+ called the SIGMA. I reached out to Ray Bellia at Body Armor Outlet and was able to get even more information. This is officially no longer a rumor.

Body Armor Outlet is behind the new project. They worked with a manufacturer to reverse engineer the GAMMA+ plates and improve them. They will also be the exclusive distributors for the new plate and it will retail in the $300-350 range. The plates are currently being tested and marketing is slated to begin in about a month. I have no information on the improvements at this time but I will keep following the story as it develops.

2 Responses to New GAMMA+ Rifle Plate Replacement – The SIGMA Project

  1. Pat.C November 27, 2012 at 23:22 #

    Any follow up on these?

    • Matt November 27, 2012 at 23:25 #

      Unfortunately no. I will reach out to my contact and see what I can find.

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