More Info on the Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight from Battle Systems

Battle Systems gave us some additional information on their improved VS-17 based marker panel. It is tentatively named the Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight. In the previous post, we noted the Velcro field for IR patches, light weight material, and compact size. Battle Systems has also clued us in on some additional functionality.

The panels will feature loops at all 4 corners. These loops will allow the panel to be lashed to gear like your pack. These loops will also allow the panels to be connected in order to increase the visual signature of the panels.

Battle Systems will be offering the Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight in “fire team packs.” These packs will include 4 panels, 4 carabiners, and 4 IR patches. The carabiners can be used to attach the panels together.

Keep an eye on the Battle Systems website and Facebook page for more details.

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