Californian Denied CCW Permit, Uses Handgun to Defend Neighbor

Yih-Chau Chang, of, reported the amazing story of a Californian citizen who’s CCW application was turned down at the whim of his local police chief for not demonstrating “good cause,” as if a fundamental and enumerated right wasn’t cause enough. 2 1/2 months later the same citizen used his handgun to protect his neighbor and detain a criminal until police could respond.

I can only hope that stories like these will keep the pressure on California and other states to recognize their citizen’s fundamental rights.

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One Response to Californian Denied CCW Permit, Uses Handgun to Defend Neighbor

  1. JPCMT May 19, 2012 at 19:38 #

    I left Antioch for the same reason. I was living off Mahogany unarmed until we were burglarized. I got a gun finally and got serious about home/self defense. I wrote the APD chief letting him know of my intention to openly carry (2008) at parks where I take my kids because of the thugs that frequent the park. I was not written back to because a written endorsement of my lawful desire would look bad, so a lieutenant called me and told me it was dumb but legal. Later I witnessed an auto burglary outside my window and called the APD who luckily arrived in time to catch the guy…a guy wanted in two counties for shooting people, one just the week before who confronted him burglarizing his car. I ID’d the guy and then forever was afraid for retaliation. I abandoned my home and it foreclosed, then because of a job loss, had to leave and moved to Montana where my rights are honored, though admittedly needed less than in Antioch, CA. I know exactly the “just cause” this citizen sought after and the arrogance of the local PD denying him his petition is dispicable…unless the chief can personally offer to protect scared citizens.

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